By Stephen Knapp

"India has one of many oldest and so much dynamic cultures on the planet. but, many folks don't know of the numerous assaults, wars, atrocities, and sacrifices that Indian humans have gone through to guard and defend their kingdom and non secular culture over the centuries. Neither do many folks be aware of of the various ways that this profound history is being attacked and threatened at the present time, and what we will do approximately it.
Therefore, we should always conscientiously comprehend:

How there's almost immediately a warfare opposed to Hinduism and its yoga tradition.
The weaknesses of India that allowed invaders to beat her.
Lessons from India’s actual historical past that are supposed to now not be forgotten.
The atrocities dedicated by means of the Muslim invaders, and the way they attempted to break Vedic tradition and its many temples, and slaughtered millions of Indian Hindus.
How the British viciously exploited India and its humans for its assets.
How the harshest of all Christian Inquisitions in Goa tortured and killed millions of Hindus.
Action plans for retaining and strengthening Vedic India at the present time.
How all Hindus and anxious humans needs to get up and be robust for safeguarding the common non secular traditions of Vedic tradition. "

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