By Arindam Nath

Bridging Souls—A trip from Mahabharata to Bharata is a thought-provoking and scholarly booklet that juxtaposes the occasions of Mahabharata with the socio-political surroundings of modern day India. it truly is an erudite treatise that analyzes Mahabharata-related matters just like the delivery of the Pandavas, their use of assorted guns within the Kurukshetra warfare and the position of many different characters at the sidelines, with knowledge in addition to intelligence. It makes for racy examining because the narrative criss-crosses among the previous and the current, with an endearing love tale and an exhilarating homicide secret, intertwined with the cerebral interpretation of the Mahabharata. extensively unorthodox and hard-hitting, the e-book is probably going to make the reader event a massive shift in his realizing of the Mahabharata.

This ebook is an try to take a clean examine the episodes of earlier, recorded within the recognized epic Mahabharata. it truly is sure to bring up a couple of eyebrows and will be even surprise lots of devoted believers, yet for a metamorphosis, one might attempt to assessment to come to a decision if we will be able to settle for these practices today.

--G M Srivastava, I.P.S. (Retd.), Former DGP Tripura and Assam

Bridging Souls, a desirable travelogue penned by means of Arindam Nath, actually bridges innumerable souls and hearts throughout peninsular India. Nath’s labour of affection additionally refocuses at the crucial cultural continuity during this historic kingdom down the annals of historical past. extra remarkably, the racy fluent variety of narrative makes the e-book unputdownable until eventually the tip.

--Sekhar Dutta, Senior Journalist of The Telegraph

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