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Two Novels: The Stony Heart and B/Moondocks Teahouse (Bilingual Series in Modern Chinese Literature)
Fathers of Biology (Dodo Press)
  • These are far from quirky catchy ditties yet hugely commercial and every track a grower.

    - Duncan Warwick, Country Music People – UK

  • If she’s not on your radar, she ought to be. I think she has a sound all her own.

    - Duncan Warwick, Country Music People – UK

  • Amanda Cevallos’ use of imagery in her songs paints some dusty, compelling, back road pictures in my mind. It was fun to play guitar to her music in the studio. James Hyland, her producer, and her were very focused and committed to their vision.

    - Stephen Doster, Musician/Producer

  • I’d never heard of Amanda before she sent me her songs and asked me to add Steel and Dobro. She has her own thing going with writing a country song. This record should appeal to long time honky-tonkers as well as the younger generation who are just getting into the country scene. Well done girl!

    - Lloyd Maines, Musician/Producer

  • My friend, Amanda Cevallos knocked us out the first time we saw her in Wyoming. I would describe her music as a hippie mix up of Loretta and Townes, and I always look forward to hearing her new songs.

    - Todd Snider – Songwriter

  • I worked with Amanda and her band for a new tv series on the Ovation Network, she was amazing! Amanda’s singing was awesome and the band sounded great, she also helped coordinate the shoot which was so much help. If you ever have the chance to a performance of Amanda’s please make the effort to go see. If you can’t make it to a performance go buy her new CD!

    - Swaga, Producer of “A Chance To Dance” on The Ovation Channel

  • Amanda Cevallos is a breath of fresh air for Roots Country fans. With a sultry, captivating voice, Honky Tonk Attitude & excellent songs she’s rapidly making a name for herself. I’m playing cuts from her debut album every show..

    - Brigitte London, The Highway Woman Radio Show

  • This is retro, barroom twang and Cevallos has the voice for it, a high, clear yearning voice with a little hook on the end.

    - Chris Jorgensen – The Billings Gazette

  • …like Loretta Lynn, you can hear in the way her vocals crack in all the right places that life’s been a little rough… This is one of the best original honky-tonk albums I’ve heard in a long time!

    - Erika Fredrickson, The Missoula Independent