• These are far from quirky catchy ditties yet hugely commercial and every track a grower.

    - Duncan Warwick, Country Music People – UK

  • If she’s not on your radar, she ought to be. I think she has a sound all her own.

    - Duncan Warwick, Country Music People – UK

  • Amanda Cevallos’ use of imagery in her songs paints some dusty, compelling, back road pictures in my mind. It was fun to play guitar to her music in the studio. James Hyland, her producer, and her were very focused and committed to their vision.

    - Stephen Doster, Musician/Producer

  • I’d never heard of Amanda before she sent me her songs and asked me to add Steel and Dobro. She has her own thing going with writing a country song. This record should appeal to long time honky-tonkers as well as the younger generation who are just getting into the country scene. Well done girl!

    - Lloyd Maines, Musician/Producer

  • My friend, Amanda Cevallos knocked us out the first time we saw her in Wyoming. I would describe her music as a hippie mix up of Loretta and Townes, and I always look forward to hearing her new songs.

    - Todd Snider – Songwriter

  • I worked with Amanda and her band for a new tv series on the Ovation Network, she was amazing! Amanda’s singing was awesome and the band sounded great, she also helped coordinate the shoot which was so much help. If you ever have the chance to a performance of Amanda’s please make the effort to go see. If you can’t make it to a performance go buy her new CD!

    - Swaga, Producer of “A Chance To Dance” on The Ovation Channel

  • Amanda Cevallos is a breath of fresh air for Roots Country fans. With a sultry, captivating voice, Honky Tonk Attitude & excellent songs she’s rapidly making a name for herself. I’m playing cuts from her debut album every show..

    - Brigitte London, The Highway Woman Radio Show

  • This is retro, barroom twang and Cevallos has the voice for it, a high, clear yearning voice with a little hook on the end.

    - Chris Jorgensen – The Billings Gazette

  • …like Loretta Lynn, you can hear in the way her vocals crack in all the right places that life’s been a little rough… This is one of the best original honky-tonk albums I’ve heard in a long time!

    - Erika Fredrickson, The Missoula Independent


AmandaCevallos059Austin songwriter, dancer/choreographer, actor, and band leader Amanda Cevallos is a dynamic performer with a winning personality that has carried her from her teen years hosting a public access television program in her native Houston and choreographing music videos and live performances to a degree in modern dance from the University of Montana to a five-year residency at the Broken Spoke Honky Tonk, residencies at the Continental Club, the White Horse to three tours of Europe and U.S. tours to New York, Colorado, and Montana and places in between.

Cevallos’ third record, “Got Me Where You Want Me,” released in late 2016, has been lauded by the British music magazine, Country Music People, with a four-star review. They say, “if she is not on your radar, she ought to be!” Released on vinyl and on CD, the eight songs on this album are winning hearts and gigs as fast as she can sign her autograph or answer her phone.

With this record of success, which includes Telluride Troubador Finalist at the 2016 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, a late 2015 show opening for Los TexManiacs at Discovery on the Green in Houston and an featured performance 3TEN ACL Live Music Venue last June and an ever-increasing number of both solo and full band shows. Cevallos is destined to be on your radar, and here you are! Now get to a live show of hers and say hello, or book her as soon as possible.


A Latina country music songstress with a retro style and clean vocals that garners comparisons to singers like Crystal Gayle and Kelly Willis, Amanda Cevallos grew up in Houston, Texas. Her entertainment career began as a child model for Houston’s Neil Hamil Modeling Agency at the age of 9. By the time she was 17, she was the VJ of her very own Latin-based music video show called, Mega Mix. At 19, Amanda began working as an actor represented by Houston’s premiere talent agency, Pastorini & Bosby. The majority of her jobs were voice overs, which has proved to be quite fitting. Always encouraged by her family to perform, Amanda was never shy to try something new; songwriting and playing the guitar. After two short college stints in California and Chicago, Amanda finally settled down in Missoula, Montana for a degree in Modern Dance performance. However, the guitar was a huge distraction and the music began to take sole focus. After one full-length record, Rainy Day, and an EP, Chase The Rain, Amanda completed her studies and graduated from The University of Montana in May of 2008. She then moved to Austin, TX in March of 2009.

After starting a country band in Austin, Amanda decided to visit a man by the name of James White, the owner of the most famous honky tonk in Texas. Amanda’s persistent nature, custom cowboy hat, and unique style landed her a coveted residency at Austin’s legendary honky tonk, The Broken Spoke. This new “Austinite” was honing her craft alongside some of Texas country music’s legends. She went on to nail down a few weekly spots at other honky tonks throughout the larger area , landed opening act gigs for The Derailers, Todd Snider, Rick Trevino, Susan Gibson, Django Walker & Jim Lauderdale, and was picked up by a festival in France in summer 2012. But before Amanda could get to France, she managed to grab the attention of singer/songwriter and record producer, James Hyland. They recorded one song backed by Hyland’s old band, The South Austin Jug Band called, “Good For Nothing But Each Other.” The artistic chemistry was perfect between Hyland and Cevallos, and the two agreed they were ready to make the whole album together. Recording began in late January and went on through spring 2012. You can order “I’ll Never Honky Tonk You” on her website

In The Summer of 2013 while on tour in France, Amanda formed her new band, Amanda Cevallos & The High Hands, and after two tours to New York City, a year of shows at The Broken Spoke and a trip to Spain & France, they decided it was time to make an EP as a band in, August of 2014. With 6 weeks to prepare, get the funds and book some studio time, they picked out the songs, had two rehearsals, and went it to EAR ( East Austin Recording) with James Hyland producing again! What started off as a 5 song EP recording, was going so well, that Amanda and the guys decided to pick a few more original tunes and make this EP a new album. All the while everything they were doing in the studio was tailored to the High Hands putting the album on VINYL. The album has a classic sound that can’t be denied. Give it one listen and you will see.



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